Sumter's *first* clean-food company & Gourmet Food Truck.

Intentionally small. Deliberately Purposeful.

A better food model in the making


We were made to serve.  With These Hands Natural Gourmet Foods company is a real-food-service organization, using local food and organic ingredients to conveniently deliver nutritious and delicious food options to our community in Shaw AFB and Sumter, SC. We reject GMOS, artificial ingredients and offer specialized nutrition options in convenient ready to enjoy (MRE), family-style daily dinners and a variety of catering services.


Set the standard of food quality, food service and food cost in our community with real food, kind customer service and fair value.


Nourish our community one bite at a time. Give our customers a nourishing meal  and provide a positive good-food-option that brings busy all families back to the table - where prayers, conversations, growth, love and hope are shared.


We partner with local service organizations to provide food and clothing to military Veterans and civilians in desperate need.  We also donate 100% of your cash tips for our monthly Sumter United Ministries Emergency Shelter dinner. 

Learning, growing, improving each day.

Giving this process - of building a sustainable, lean business its due time.

And you're invited to the table!


A pinch of engineering and a bunch of ingenuity!

Success requires an incredible amount of tenacity, creativity, diversity and skill.  

Our story combines an international adventure and amazing team of people, eager to see each other succeed one bite at a time. 

We believe in the prosperity of all and work hard to be part of the change we aim to see in our community.  

 We are at your service.

Community Coaching


Clean your diet and your pantry and begin your clean-eating journey.

Customized meal-planning with organic, wholesome foods to help you reach your goals. 

Learn more about our:

Mighty Feast Program


From FDA required nutritional labels to cleaning up dated, junky menus that customers no longer want to eat - many changes are coming to our industry.  

Yes, our experience is short but we count with state-of-the art technology, resources and tools to help your business meet regulations, better serve your customers and increase profits.

Business Start-Up

We're building our dream and want to help you build yours.

Have an idea? Don't know where to start?  Dream of someday having your own food truck? 

Turn that hobby into a profitable business and start living in the bounty of your purpose. 

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