take a break from junk food. come feast on real food!


Our menu is currently undergoing an AWESOME *Upgrade*.  Below you will find a complete list of all we currently offer.  In the next 30 days you will see a new menu for your delight!  

Thanks for being an awesome community of #sumterfoodies to serve.


Plant-based foundation

Fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms 

Option to add lean meats

High quality, flavorful lean meats from local ranchers and farmers

Hot lunch bowls

Super Grain

Organic quinoa, wild rice mixture, mediterranean  lentils, sautéed peppers, topped with cilantro & avocado/avocado lime sauce.

Colombian "Sudado" (Stew)

Slow roasted root vegetables (potato/yuca) drenched in Colombian "guiso" (sofrito-style base), with a juicy corn cobb, served over baked basmati rice.


Perfectly balanced ratio of organic Macronutrients:
Protein (lean steak/chicken/egg whites)

Fat (avocado/olive oil, nuts)
Carbohydrates (rice, sweet potato, broccoli)

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sweets & Treats

Almond Love Bites

Almonds, local raw honey, cinnamon, love, organic chocolate

Chocolate Kick Mini Cake

Deep, rich chocolate cake made with a shot of espresso and topped with a creamy chocolate ganache and a dark-chocolate-covered espresso bean

Fruit Tart

Seasonal fruit tucked in between a buttery crust and streusel topping

Plantain Chips & Salsa

Crispy and lightly salted plantain chips with salsa

Toast & Toum

Sweet and savory, crunchy and soft. A treat for your tastebuds.  Mini toast pieces made with figs and olives, paired with a creamy savory Lebanese garlic spread.  

Sweet Potato Brownies

Dorr Farms sweet potato, medjool dates, maple syrup and Dutch cacao makes these a delicious & nutritious must-have treat. 


Seasonal Fruit Coolers

  • Just the juice of fresh seasonal fruit with a hint of local raw honey 

Organic Juices

  • Honest Tea
  • Kids Juice

Coffee & Tea

  • Cup o' Colombian Joe
  • Jet Fuel Espresso
  • Turkish Apple Tea
  • Calming Mint Tea

Delicious & Nutritious

Made to serve

From our Gourmet Food Truck

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